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July 2019

Why It Is Important to Have a Pipeline Inspected After Severe Weather

Why It Is Important to Have a Pipeline Inspected After Severe Weather

Relying on professionals for pipeline inspection services in Odessa, TX, can increase and maintain the safety and efficiency of your water and sewer lines. After landscaping, remodeling, or even construction in the area, your pipelines may be damaged.

Severe weather is a common cause of damage to pipes. Consider these three reasons why it is important to have your sewer or water pipe inspected after a severe weather event or period of extreme weather such as flooding or high wind.

Prevent Damage to the Environment

A leaky pipeline could cause environmental damage that you could be held liable for correcting. Being held responsible for environmental damage to the area near your pipeline could prove to be costly in terms of remediation. If the neighborhood finds out that your pipeline caused damage, your personal reputation could also be harmed. A prompt inspection after severe weather allows for early identification of leaks that could damage the soil, water, or air around your pipes.

Protect Your Investment

A small crack or loose pipe fitting on a water or sewer pipe could turn into more extensive damage if it is not fixed promptly. Your plumbing system is a big investment, and making a small repair is more financially wise than waiting until the problem becomes more serious and costly. An inspection of the pipeline as soon as the extreme or severe weather has passed allows you to identify and correct minor problems right away.

Less Cleanup

Leaking raw sewage requires a lot of cleanup. If it happens outside, you might have to remove soil. If raw sewage or clean water leaks inside your home, you may have to replace drywall, flooring, furniture, and more. Professional pipeline inspection services in Odessa, TX, can prevent your sewer or water pipes from leaking into your home or yard.